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Femtosecond Lasors
Femtosecond laser processing has great advantages in precise micro-machining to the transparency materials such as silica glass, sapphire, and diamond. Our processing technologies may provide the precise micro-holes and binary lens processing.
The femtosecond laser has an ultra short pulse width of 100 fs (1fs=10-15) compared to that of the conventional YAG laser of several tens of ns (1ns=10-9).
A wavelength of the femtosecond laser is near infrared light of 800nm which is transparent to materials such as a sapphire and a silica glass. However focused femtosecond laser can induce refractive index modification inside the materials or ablate materials on the surface only around the focal point. By using these features, three-dimensional micro structures and micro optics can be generated on and inside the materials.
Precision micro holes in a silica glass plate

Illustration of Precision Micro Holes in a Silica Glass Plate
 Dia.: 25μm, thichness: 500μm, silica glass

· Min. diameter: ≥ 0.5μm
· Max. aspect ratio: ≤ 20
· Circularity:  ≤ 1μm

· High aspect ratio
· Small surface roughness (Ra ≤ 10nm)

· Micro nozzle
· Micro fluidics
SEM Image

 Three-dimensional hole in a sapphire wafer

Illustration of a Taper Cavity and Micro Holes
Binary Lens Processing
 Dia.: 1.0mmφ, silica glass

Beam Profile
· Min. line width: ~2.5μm
· Max. diffraction efficiency: ~40%

· Optical sensor window
· Micro lens

 Applicable materials
· Silica glass, pyrex
· Sapphire, diamond
· Single crystals, various other glasses

 Focused beam intensity distribution,
    diameter(1/e2 )=18μm

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