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Ceramic Capillaries
Ruby Capillary
Ceramic Capillaries are consumable tools used for Wire Bonding Applications. The Capillaries are precision processing parts which are designed and manufactured to fit with Wire Bonding Products.
Our Ceramic Capillaries are manufactured by our Injection Molding Technology which is the same technology used in the mass production of our ferrules and sleeves used for the Optical Communication Industry. An excellent concentricity property has been achieved, which reduces the hours of operation significantly at the time of replacement due to the elimination of an alignment process. A longer capillary life span and a higher wear resistance has been achieved by using Zirconia Toughened Alumina Ceramic with a stronger hardness than the standard Alumina Ceramic. We can also accommodate a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating for an extended life span.
The function of Ceramic Capillaries is to allow a thin and brittle gold wire through at very high speeds. The Capillary Forms are required to be smooth and accurate for any bonding process. We polish the capillaries with high precision processing technology cultivated by the manufacturing of our Zirconia Ferrules and Sleeves.
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