Namiki Precision of Singapore Pte Ltd.

Corporate Ethics

Namiki Singapore is always striving to contribute to society through
business activities while adhering to our corporate ethics.
All Namiki Singapore employees, without exception, conduct themselves at work in line with the following 7 Code of Conduct Principles, and actively take social responsibility to be a good corporate citizen.
1. Securing Customer Confidence
We get confidence and satisfaction from our customers by developing and supply products, not only suitable for society, but also to meet their requirements.
2. Keeping a Fair Relationship
We aim to have mutual prosperity with all of our business partners by always practicing fair trade and building trust in our relations. In addition, we keep healthy and clear relations with government and administrative agencies.
3. Compliance with International rules
Namiki, as a company that operates globally, is committed, not only to comply with international rules and local laws, but also to respect and contribute to developments in local culture and customs.
4. Public Relations
We communicate beyond our shareholders to the wider public and supply our corporate information in a positive and fair manner.
5. Solidarity & Work Environment for the Company employee
While sharing a sense of solidarity with our employees, Namiki values & respects the diversity and personalities of each of them by offering a safe and easy work environment in order to maximize their creativity & ability. We absolutely prohibit any discrimination and harassment regarding issues such as gender, religion, physical disability.
6. Strict Management of Information
All information received from our partners or any individuals, along with of our confidential information, is managed under the strictest of confidence.
7. Dealing with Environmental Matters
Namiki is actively dealing with environmental protection by placing it as one of the top priorities for our management to consider.