Namiki and the Environment

Namiki is committed to the reduction in civilization's destruction of the global environmental and will use its proprietary technologies and business activities to coexist with and conserve nature and make the world a better place for us to live.

Idea of Namiki

The 21st Century is the age of the environment, where the challenge of recycling and sustainable society has been embraced throughout the world.

At Namiki, we believe it is the mission of the industrial world to stop environmental destruction under the 20th-century mantra of mass production, mass consumption and mass emission. We must strive instead for sustainable development predicated on harmonious coexistence with nature.

To this end, Namiki has adopted environmental conservation as a key management philosophy. We are committed to environmental conservation and the fulfillment of humankind using proprietary Namiki technology, as espoused in the Namiki Environmental Vision.

The Vision is expressed in the Namiki Environmental Slogan:

"Green Technology 21 "-GT21-

Namiki is solemnly dedicated to continuous improvement in the area of corporate environmental activity through our environmental management system, with a view to becoming a true 21st-century enterprise predicated on sound environmental technology.